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We present whole range of WACOM Tablets, WACOM Pens and WACOM Mouse in India with excellent product knowledge/consultancy and after sale support.

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Products Offered are :


1. POLICY leading our Objective

"To enhance the infrastructure and ability which can only be achieved with passion and partronise"

2. Our presence in the IT industry authorised by concerned Govt. entity for trading of Computers, Laptops and related goods and services is since 19th Nov. 1999, and were dealing wacom range of products since Year 2000, when "WACOM" had only one distributor (M/s. Gomark India Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta) in INDIA.

3. We deals in WACOM, WACOM, WACOM & WACOM range of products and its accessories as of now, will be adding more products facilitating the same industries catered by us.

4. We are equipped with engineers who could help you with anything related to our WACOM RANGE OF PRODUCTS and its related industrial helps.

5. DECLARATION : We dont have any Dealer or Distributor network in the country since Oct' 2005 for wacom range of products.

6. We have listed some among our "Previledge Customers" who has made us to grow and enabled us to up-keep the brand name of WACOM as "World's No.: 1, Selling tablets" with there feedbacks and motivation. Kindly visit our CLIENT LIST and have a Tele Call Conference to share their experience with us. Any Individual or Company for any due-deligence check w.r.t. our wacom range of products are requested to contact Mr. Anil Chandna (Country Representative India - WACOM)

Now thus we have strong bonding and infrastructure that enable us to be one among good suppliers of above WACOM products for their Office Automotives.

Awaited various software solutions for Textile, Jacquard, Woven Labels, Tags and Yarn. Please Visit our website: www.wacomindia.com for updates.

Knowledge Base

Why a WACOM Tablet ?

Just like a simple pencil or brush, you can adjust the thickness, darkenss, and colors easily with Wacom's Pressure Sensitivity. Pressure Sensitivity works only with compatible applications.

The WACOM TABLET looks and feels like a pen yet contains no batteries or magnets. No need to worry about getting new batteries all the time!!

Like a school pencil, the other end of your Pen acts just like an eraser. The Eraser function is also Pressure Sensitive, thus brings your "erasing" up to a whole new level. Text can also be erased by highlighting the text with the Eraser function.

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